Computer Hardware & Networking (CH&N)

JITM SKILLS offers intensive computer Hardware and Networking courses enabling proficiency in latest Computer Hardware and Networking related jobs as business practical training of highest quality with best faculties and infrastructure .

Industry experts from companies like IBM, HCL, and Wipro etc. also take classes. In small cities industry experts are also involved for guiding the students & institutes.

  • Head of Division: Dr. A. Kumar (PhD in Computer Science)
  • Faculty Members: Rajesh Kumar (MCA), Uma Singh (MCA), Gulshan Kumar (Certified Microsoft Trainer), Amitabh Singh(M Tech.), Raj Singh(B Tech)

Content: Electronic, SMPS, Numbering System, Motherboard, Microprocessor, Memory, Hard Disk, Drivers, Computer Assembling, System Boot, Partition and formatting, Installation, Viruses, Internet, Devices attachment, Printer, Monitors, Hardware troubleshooting, Networking Devices and cabling, IP address, Routers, Switches, Server Management, Cloud Computing, LAN, Linux

Duration: 4 Months

Career options: Hardware Engineer, Hardware Networking Engineer, Network Engineer, Network Administrator, System Engineer, and System Administrator.