• Head of Division: Manav Chauhan (MBA in Retail Management)
  • Faculty Members: Anuja Kumari (MBA in Marketing), Y Kumar (VP in Mascon Retail), Sandeep Saxena (VP in Reliance Comm)

Content: Shopper Behaviour to understand the various types of customers, Indian Retail Sector, growth and trends of organized retailing and the various retail formats and their impact in the country, Customer Relationship Management, Managing and maintaining good relationship with customers, Store Operations Management: Role and responsibility of store manager, cashier, and sales executive, Retail Store Organization: Hierarchical structure of retail organization and their function of the different department, Supply Chain Management: how to facilitate supply chain management, Finance & Accounts: Shareholder objectives in retail organization, golden accounting rule, journal entries and ledger, Retail Strategies, Retail Marketing & Communication Segmentation, targeting, positioning and branding of merchandise, Mall Management: detail understanding of a mall, development of the mall and key aspects of facilities management in mall. Buying & Merchandising, how to get the right merchandising , buying process, Retail Mathematics, measuring performance and productivity, Visual Merchandising: how to enhance store atmosphere and the customer shopping, Retail Sales: importance of personal selling in retail, Working in Retail Environment: various practical methods & ways to work in retail environment, Retail Services : growing need for services.

Duration: 3 Months

Career options: Customer Service Executive, Store Manager.